Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Try This - Steak Platter at The Port Mahon

Location: 82 St. Clement's Street, Oxford OX4, UK

The Port Mahon took me somewhat by surprise. It's a traditional pub, not very big and doesn't look like anything fancy, apart from a few twinkly fairy lights and a log fire when it's cold. When MrF took me here for a meal I figured it would go one of two ways: either the food would be distinctly average, or it would surprise me and be totally knock-out... Turns out it was the latter!

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The Phenomenal Steak Platter

Having ordered the Steak Platter to share between us, our jaws hit the floor when it arrived, A) because it was huge, and B) it looked AMAZING!! Cue our looks of awe, followed by 30 minutes of unintelligible praise while we feasted on the bounty.

If you were ever on death row, ordering your 'last meal' - this should be it. If you want to wow your Dad for father's day - this is what you feed him. Damn, if you just want a glorious plate of food - well, you know the rest.

The cut of meat is onglet (aka hanger steak), served pretty blooming rare (don't ask for it to be well done, this cut of meat should always be served like this), and brilliantly seasoned. Accompaniments to the sensational steak were: some very good chips, perfectly cooked asparagus, divine cabbage and bacon, salad, bĂ©arnaise sauce and crusty bread. The result was utter food porn, and frankly, one of the best plates of food I've eaten... and I do not give that praise lightly! I've been lucky enough to eat in many fantastic places around the world, but in my list of all-time favourite dishes, this is most definitely in my top 10 - along with the Wagyu Beef with Truffle Mash and Foie Gras Sauce I ate in Bangkok (*drool* - will blog about that one too!!).

I've eaten this dish several times now, and it's been stunning every time. I'm having to hold off eating it while I'm pregnant, but you can be damn sure I'll be there from September, newborn in tow, tucking into this glorious plate of food!

The Port Mahon
82 St. Clements Street
Facebook: @Port-Mahon
Twitter: @Port_Mahon
Phone: 01865 790970

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