Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Headington Farmers Market

Location: Kennett Road, Headington, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX3, UK
Rather embarrassingly, this was my first trip to Headington Farmers Market. I say embarrassingly because I could have been many times over the last year, living only 25 minutes walk away, but for one reason or another, I never have.

Appearing twice a month, on the second and fourth Fridays, the market runs from 8am - 1.30pm at the top of Kennet Road. I stopped by last Friday after a delicious breakfast at Jacobs & Field, and, although my belly was pretty full, there were still a few stalls that most definitely jumped out...

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I am a big lover of vegetable samosas, as is MrF, so there was no way I could walk past The Oxford DelHi stall without picking up a couple for a weekend snack. The next day, with MrF suffering from a hangover, the timing couldn't have been better. On tucking into the delights, however, we were sadly disappointed: the filling was far from plentiful, only about 50% of the samosa was full, leaving a large empty space; the pastry wasn't particularly light; and the filling completely bland - there were flecks of chilli but I couldn't taste any other flavours or spices. To quote MrF, they were "stunningly bad". A real shame, as we were really looking forward to eating these.

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Pregnant, and with a naturally strong sweet tooth, there was no way in hell I was about to walk past a doughnut stall - especially one selling doughnuts with filings such as 'Cider, Apple & Cinnamon', 'Lemon Curd' and 'Vanilla Custard'. Unable to eat the Lemon Curd beauties (raw egg included as an ingredient), I opted for the Cider, Apple & Cinnamon, then somehow managed to wait until I was all the way home before launching myself on the delectable treat - and launch I did! It was beautiful... perfect fluffy centre, plentiful filing, oodles of flavour and ample cinnamony-sugar to lick off my fingers from the outer shell. I did stop myself briefly to take a pic of the half-eaten doughnut (I'm too good to you) but then within moment it was gone... I want one now just from typing this, so certainly look forward to seeing them at market again.

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Oozy and beautiful - Cider, Apple & Cinnamon Doughnut (more please!)

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Now, I apologise in advance, but I can't offer any type of review for the Scotch Bonnet Sauce purchased from Casual Creations, at least for now. For I am in fact, too scared to try this! This was bought as a prezzie for MrF from MummyF, as he is a big fan of using scotch bonnet chillies in his Jerk Marinade. The lovely lady running the stall advised me it was akin to Tabasco Sauce in heat level, and that she uses a big glug of it in every Chilli Con Carne she makes - she also loves it on her bacon sarnies... not sure I can handle that, but I do promise to try it at some stage, I'm just building up the courage!

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I picked up this wonderful tub of pickled herring from Paul Knights fish stall, whilst also eyeing up some dressed crab. Served with a simple buttered slice of wholemeal bread, this made a fantastic light lunch later that day. They did have plenty of other fish and shellfish on display, but it was in the sun a little too much for my liking at the time, but it did look to be a very nice selection.

So, my visit to Headington Farmers Market was brief, but also fairly successful. I will certainly return, maybe a little earlier next time, as a lot of the bread on the large bread stall had already sold out (especially the tomato bread I was after). If you live close enough to visit, then be sure you do - it's one of the larger Oxford markets, so there should be plenty to take your fancy.

Headington Farmers Market
Kennett Road
Website: www.headington.org.uk/market
Phone: 07709 517 895

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