Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Try This - Momo's

Location: Gloucester Green, Oxford OX1, UK

WHAT: Momo (a Nepalese version of Gyoza or Dumplings)

HOW MUCH: £3 for 10 vegetable dumplings, £4 for 10 chicken or pork dumplings, £3 for fried rice. Or mix it up and have 5 dumplings with vegetable fried rice, like I did in the pic above and as recommended by In Oxford, Will Eat)

WHERE: Gloucester Green Market, Wednesdays weekly

HOW GOOD: Bloody marvelous! If you work in town and haven't had your lunch here yet, or if you simply love dumplings, then you're seriously missing a trick. For under a fiver you can get five plump, steamed dumplings, with fried rice and a spicy (or not) sauce - delicious and cheap. Go get your Momo on!

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