Wednesday, 5 February 2014

FOT Top Picks - Oxford Date Venues

Location: Oxford, UK

Whether it's 'first date city' or date night away from the kids, with Valentine's quickly approaching, millions around the world will be wondering where the hell to take their beloved that's the right balance between flashy and stingy, romantic and dingy.

I've put together a few of my favourite date venues that shouldn't leave them shouting "taxi for one"!

Met them on a night out, maybe a few drinks into the evening, and want to see what they look like in the cold light of day? Here's a few safe bets:
  • Jacobs Inn - Good food, comfortable setting, animals in the garden to talk to in case the conversation dries up. What more could you want?
  • The Fishes - Tasty menu, nice big garden, light and airy dining space. Big enough that you can disappear into the crowd if you decide to make a run for it.
  • Big Society - Bright but funky venue in the daytime, with the bonus of being a bar, so if things go really well or really badly, you can hit the shots!

Not sure you like them enough to spend hours together? Drink dates are the perfect might-need-a-quick-exit set up, here are a few you might like to try:
  • Ashmolean Museum Roof Terrace - classy looking place with a roof terrace than looks out (just about) over the city. Or at least The Randolph.
  • Raouls - Awesome cocktails, lots of them and STRONG! Funky, intimate vibe too.
  • Duke of Cambridge - upmarket cocktail bar with big, comfy, round, leather booths to get lost in.

You know you like them, you're pretty sure you have enough to talk about over a table together, you'd like a few drinks with dinner in a romantic setting... ahhh, I can almost hear the romantic music from here. Dinner date venues guaranteed to impress:
  • Door 74 - low lighting, reasonably priced, tasty food - perfect dinner date setting.
  • Pierre Victoire - Delicious, French bistro food; low lighting; small, intimate, candlelit tables - ooh la la
  • Brasserie Blanc - The ultimate grown up date night - great food, great service, more low lighting (common theme here). MrF and I's date venue of choice... maybe see you there!
  • Crazy Bear - I've been here loads and always enjoyed the food. Book the English restaurant if you want your date to sit comfortably, but book the Thai restaurant if you want to get a little closer over some spices. I mean that literally, as the ceiling is low and the seating 'intimate'. Great food either way.
  • High Table - One of Oxford's most underrated restaurants, in my humble opinion, but a favourite of MrF and I (though we haven't been for a while and I'm yet to review). Lovely, elegant food, wine and setting. Often unfilled until later on, so you may get the restaurant to yourselves for a little while.
  • No1 Folly Bridge - Ahhh, mon ami, more yummy French bistro food - but this time riverside.
  • Sojo - darkly lit (even in the daytime); heady, sometimes-spicy, superb food. Lose all track of time here!

Oh, hello! How do you like your eggs? ;-) Where to take them the morning after the night before. Or at least stop off mid 'walk of shame'.
  • Jacobs & Field - famous locally for their breakfast selection
  • St Giles' Cafe - amazing bacon, amazing tea... need I say more?
  • Red Lion - right in the centre of town and a great all-rounder for breakfast. Good coffee, good food, plenty of space (for baby buggies?) and quiet, so no issue for hangovers. Foodie Family weekend brunch venue of choice (avec baby buggy).
  • Door 74 - already suggested for dinner, but their Eggs Benedict is phenomenal. Nuff said!


Foodie x

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