Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Chef's Table

Location: Oxford, UK
We all have our preferred restaurants (I have quite a few myself!), but when your favourite chefs get a well deserved day off, where do they like to chow down? Maybe they crave a cheeky cheeseburger from Maccy D's, or a Michelin star masterpiece. More often than not though, I bet they head to the best place they can think of, other than their own establishments of course.

I wondered if those 'in the know' may be able to lead us to some undiscovered diamonds, so spoke to a few chefs from well known local eateries to find out... where do they grab a table on their day off?

It turns out that the man behind the scenes at Jacobs Inn, Mr Robert Ingleston, shares my fondness for Magdalen Arms (clearly a man of great taste). Noted by many as one of Oxford's finest places to grab a spot of gastro grub, who could resist those fabulous sharing dishes and gutsy flavours.

Most people are familiar with Big Bang owner, Maxwell Mason, but the man responsible for serving up the meaty magic at The Big Bang is Chef, Sebastian Golsworthy. When Seb chooses to eat something other than, well, sausage, he pops up to North Parade for a nibble at The Rose & Crown, somewhere I am yet to check out. With newly opened 2 North Parade, a regular farmers market, plus new coffee shop Brew, this little avenue on the outskirts of the city centre is quickly becoming a destination for local foodies - I'm trying to schedule in a visit as we speak! 

The couple responsible for bringing fresh new Thai restaurant, Oli's Thai, to OX4, favour local coffee house Quarter Horse Coffee, on Cowley Road. Ru & Ladd say their "espresso is amazing. As is the salted caramel brownie and toasted banana bread". I've heard from several people now that the coffee here is superb, but not being much of a coffee connoisseur I'll probably aim straight for those cakes. I'll be the one drinking a skinny decaf latte in the corner (no moaning about the decaf!), with a big slab of cake on the side.

I'll hopefully be bringing you more recommendations in the New Year, so stay tuned. If there are any particular chefs you'd like me to ask, then do let me know!

Foodie x

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