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Restaurant Review - Door 74 (Follow up)

Location: 74 Cowley Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX4 1JB, UK
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With a few days together as a newly extended family, MrF and I took the kids out for a wander down Cowley Road, intending to check out Quarter Horse Coffee; I'd been told their coffee is the stuff of legend and some of the best available in our good city.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, it turned out there was no room at the inn, so with no space for a massive buggy and two adults - what now? A blackboard outside Door 74 advertising brunch gave us the answer!

Having taken over an entire corner of the restaurant, with buggy, kids, high chair, you name it, we hungrily eyed the menu... Full English (veggie option available); Bubble & Squeak; Eggs Benedict; Corned Beef Hash - these few alone are enough to have me coming back to try more!

While still choosing, the waiter asked us if MiniF1 might like a fruit berry smoothie (£3.25) - yes please, I answered hastily on his behalf. Smoothie delivered (very tasty is was too) and MiniF happily slurping, we got to ordering - after months of having to avoid poached eggs, what else could I chose?! Eggs Benedict (£7.35) for me and Bubble & Squeak (£5.95) for MrF, done!

Oxford Restaurant Reviews
Bubble & Squeak with Poached Egg

Now, here where I need to excuse the slightly blurry photo; but, well, it's pretty difficult to get bubble & squeak to look pretty anyway, so I'm not sure much has been lost in translation. MrF gleefully (as gleeful as he gets anyway) broke open the perfectly cooked egg, which proceeded to ooze lovely runny yolk over the dish. Yet again, MrF finished his dish before I got to try it, so I can only tell you he was very satisfied and that the plate was thoroughly clean by the end.

Note to self - insist on a bite BEFORE he finishes his food!

Oxford Restaurant Review
Eggs Benedict

To be fair though, I was pretty well distracted by the gorgeous plate of food laid before me... toasted muffins dressed with pretty pink parma ham, spinach and salad leaves, all topped of with pert poached eggs and draped with hollandaise. Now, I would say this is more of an Eggs Benedict/Florentine mash up, with the inclusion of the spinach, but it was AMAZING. The little swirl of balsamic glaze on the plate added a delicious sweetness to the meal, with beautifully cooked eggs, everything perfectly proportioned, this was heaven on a plate. Cue jealous looks from MrF... I even, rather generously, allowed him a bite (how good am I?!).

So there we have it, Door 74 do an awesome brunch. Oh, and the coffee was pretty good too!

Overall score: 8.5/10

You can also read my review of dinner at Door 74 here

Door 74
74 Cowley Road
Twitter: @door74oxford
Facebook: @Door-74
Phone: 01865 203374

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