Thursday, 25 July 2013

Getting Ready for Baby

Location: Oxford, UK
You may now notice a little less activity from me for a while, as the Foodie household prepares to welcome a new addition. Due on 29th August, MiniF#2 will no doubt keep me busy with all sorts of fun things like nappies, burping, feeding... you get the drift.

With just five weeks to go now, I'm in serious nesting mood; poor MrF has a list of DIY tasks and I'm de-cluttering everything in sight. Neither a shelf nor cupboard will be left untouched by the time this baby turns up, eBay is my new best friend. Unfortunately though, this means less time for restaurant reviews and less time for blogging.

I'm not retiring completely, so don't dismay, I'll be dipping in as and when I have time; in fact plans are afoot for something very exciting, details to follow later in the year. Let's be honest, I won't be away from food for long!

See you all soon...

FoodieOnTour x

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